Me: Mum of three, wife of one, former flower child ;)
I'm slightly OCD but still so utterly chaotic.
I'm a perfectionist and a procrastinator and a stay-up-late-erer :)
I'm one of those Slightly Less Young fans of Young Adult literature. Blame it on the all-round awesome authors who are writing in the genre :)

<3 <3
Books I love
Among my fave YA authors are Jaclyn Moriarty, Melina Marchetta,  Elizabeth Scott, Kirsty Eagar, Cath Crowley, Fiona Wood, Kirsten Murphy, Laura Buzo, Gabrielle Williams, Kasie West, Steven Herrick, Paula Weston, Sonya Hartnett, Lisa Schroeder, Markus Zusak, Sherryl Jordan, Juliet Marillier, Sarah Ockler and C.K. Kelly Martin (okay, I really must stop now...).

In Adult fiction I'm a little eclectic with a sway towards Australian authors and relaxing reads (with some killer suspense thrown in every now and then). I'm a fan of Liane Moriarty, Nicola Moriarty, Maggie O'Farrell, Honey Brown, Toni Jordan, Francine Rivers, Jeffrey Archer, Sophie Kinsella, and Kate Morton.

I live on the Sunshine Coast in Australia ~ 10 minutes from the beach and right next to the bush :) I'm a primary school teacher currently studying my Masters of Teacher-Librarianship @ QUT (endlessly studying...) and I love the creative arts (drama, visual & music)

a winter-y cartoon-y drawing of mine :)
Who's scruffy looking?
I grew up in the Blue Mountains, just west of Sydney, and the bush is my first home. When I was 13 we moved out west to a small country town where I spent my teen years riding posties, mucking about on farms and sweltering at the town pool (nothing much else to do out there). I also haunted the Shire Library (they stocked very little for teens outside of Aussie YA ~ hence, my nostalgic faves in the genre).

I'm kind of addicted to reading (in the very best of ways) and I can't walk past a book shop without going inside (who would want to, really?). 
I stay up way too late and think about eating chips a bit too often.
I suck at all things sporty but am legendary at mini putt putt. Putt putt FTW.
I love bushwalking and find solitude in nature.
I am half Scottish and fiercely proud of my ancestry (I have a longing for that wild and beautiful misty land). Most my family still live over there <3
Anne Shirley encapsulates my childhood (haha, just joking, kinda...).
I am a Christian and I still think Han Solo is just as cool as ever and sometimes, okay, usually, I make hot chocolate just to eat the melted marshmallows :)

Those funky looking kids? Mine :)

Argh! This photo is 5 years ancient from when I started blogging but I'm keeping it bc those were the days, haha

My three at Arc de Triomphe, Paris in 2014
Carissa (10), Reuben (12) and Sam (13)
(last updated Feb 2015)

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